About BlogBuilder

BlogBuilder is a generator for static blogs written in Java. The blog posts are written in Markdown and FreeMarker templates are used to generate the website.


An executable JAR file of the current version 0.6 is available from https://files.ortlepp.eu/blogbuilder/

Please Notice: Java 8 or later is required to run the program.


Using BlogBuilder is very simple: Run the JAR file from the command-line and pass the action as first argument and the project as second argument:

  • java -jar BlogBuilder.jar --init MyBlog initializes a new project "MyBlog" with some sample content

  • java -jar BlogBuilder.jar --build MyBlog builds the existing project "MyBlog"; afterwards the project is ready to be published online

For detailed information, see Getting started in the Wiki.

Development and Building

The code of BlogBuilder is written in Java, it is downloadable from the official Git repository.

Gradle is used as build system. To build the executable JAR file for distribution, run gradle jar in the repository root. This will build the BlogBuilder.jar in the build/libs folder.

For further information, see Development in the Wiki.

The project BlogBuilder is retired, at the moment there is no active development.

3rd party libraries

BlogBuilder uses some 3rd party libraries:


BlogBuilder is developed and distributed under the terms of the MIT License. See LICENSE for more details.